Herbal Touch


Herbal Dhara for Head

Herbal Dhara is a traditional herbal healing method that has been used since ancient times to bring mind, body and soul to a harmonious level. This therapy, touted as one of the cleansing and rejuvenating technic, removes harmful toxins from the body, reduce stress, gets rid of mental exhaustion and treat a variety of disorders. The Herbal Dhara oil will continuously dripping through small hole from the bottom of Dhara Pot and the oil landing and moving through your forehead. The Herbal Dhara procedure will improve Sleep quality, Manage Insomnia and lessen stress.


Herbal Oil Massage​

Kerala herbal oil massage; sometimes also called as Abhyanga, is a skin focusing massage therapy and it stimulates the underlying muscles by using oils to stimulate blood circulation. This herbal massage relieves muscle tension. This massage focuses much more on manipulation of the energy lines and release of emotional stress. If you want to experience the best herbal massage therapy in Kerala, then definitely a visit to Bali Spa should be on your list.


Kalari Massage

The Kalari Massage, which originated in Kerala, aims to give spiritual and physical conditioning to the bodies of people. The principles of Kalari Massage deals with medical care and naturopathy, for the development of this captivating treatment. Kalari Massage stimulate energy (Marmma) points by using herb-infused oil. This massage is performed by Feet and Hand by a professional therapist applying appropriate pressure to specific energy point. Kalari Massage relieves various ailments such as back pain, body stiffness, joint pain, to name just a few. Generally this massage generate follows of energy level to the individual.

Price & Duration

60min – Rs 3200
90mins –  Rs3600

Price & Duration

60min – Rs 3000
90min –  Rs 3500

( Complimentary Full-body steam 10 to 15min )

Price & Duration

90min –  Rs 4200

( Complimentary Full-body steam 10 to 15min )